Do you know what jewelry is?

Do you know what jewelry is?


Let's talk about jewelry today. Since the day of humanity, there has been a pursuit and longing for beauty, as well as a pursuit of jewelry. Tracing back to prehistoric times, there was the use of animal teeth, shells, and other objects as accessories. Throughout the development of jewelry history and culture throughout the world, the meaning bestowed on jewelry culture is closely related to human values and daily life.


From the beginning as a production tool to the conferment of religious significance, the symbol of authority status and the embodiment of wealth, to the contemporary society, jewelry has become an indispensable expression of

fashion aesthetic and a label to display personal charm. The whole jewelry culture has a long history and is an indispensable existence in the history of human civilization.


In fact, the concept of jewelry has been developing and changing. Jewelry can be divided into two categories, the broad sense and the narrow sense. The narrow sense refers to natural jewelry and jade, which are single crystals and aggregates of minerals formed in nature. In ancient China, there is a saying that distinguishes gold and silver from jewelry.



The concept of modern jewelry, in a broad sense, has been expanded to include precious metals, gold and silver, natural jewelry and jade, and artificial jewelry. Artificial gems refer to materials completely or partly produced or manufactured by humans and used as ornaments or other ornaments, including synthetic gems, artificial gems, combined gems and recreated gems. Natural gems are a small part of mineral rocks and are the essence formed under special geological conditions.


Gems must have the following three characteristics:
1, Beautiful
Beauty, as the name implies, is gorgeous, dazzling. A gem cannot be called a gem unless it is beautiful, which is manifested in brilliant color, or in transparency and cleanliness, or in a special optical effect, or in a special pattern or grain.
2, Durable
Durability is hard and wear-resistant, because of the high value of gemstones, people must expect it to be durable, can preserve value or rare items.
3, Rare
Rare is less yield, some common rocks, after pondering also has the characteristics of beautiful and durable, can not become a member of the gem family, the reason is that the yield is large, very easy to get.
In the jewelry world, although materials are consistent and precious metals and gems are the main ones, different countries and regions have great cultural differences, so there are many different jewelry design concepts. Just because of these differences, the jewelry world is more colorful.