Earring selection guide

Earring selection guide - PAG & MAG Jewelry

The completion of the earrings fashion is not only limited to the dress collocation, want to make yourself more delicate and beautiful, in addition to choosing their own clothing, other aspects of decoration and collocation are also essential. Accessories such as earrings or necklaces that look insignificant on ordinary days can actually play a role in modifying the shape of the face and adjusting the visual state to a certain extent.

Oval face

This face shape from the overall point of view, the line is very smooth, so you can be more bold when choosing earrings. From the point of view of attracting attention or dressing up themselves, people with this face shape can choose earrings more freely, which is more suitable for those styles that are relatively exaggerated and personalized, and can attract attention in a short time. As long as it is your favorite style, you can rest assured that you can boldly buy and try.

Round face

People with round faces tend to have shorter chins, more compact features, and wider cheekbones. This type of face is easy to leave the impression of a large head, and is not suitable for those who have a larger overall shape or emphasize horizontal viewing earrings. People with round faces are best suited to choose the kind of earrings that extend in the longitudinal direction, long earrings can not only make our face look more harmonious, but also reduce our visual weight, so that the whole person looks slimmer.

Square face

Square face is not too smooth a face shape, this face shape is more angular, even with exquisite features is difficult to look good, usually only the man of the sword eyebrow star can perfectly control this face shape. When choosing earrings, girls with this face shape must pay attention to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and try to avoid choosing earrings that will expose the shortcomings of their face shape. The first thing to rule out are short earrings that are also not suitable for round faces. Such earrings will shift the visual center of the person's face to the center of the face, making the face look wider.

At the same time, square faces have two more protruding mandibular angles than round faces. So when choosing earrings, we should try to choose those styles that can improve facial lines and soften the edges of the face as much as possible. The more common long tassel earrings, or other long earrings that hang down, can meet the needs of square faces. This type of linear earring will draw an arc when moving, to weaken the protruding jaw Angle of the lower side of the square face to a certain extent.