What is pearl?

What is pearl?

1, Pearl is an organic gemstone with special luster, mainly produced in the body of shellfish mollusks, and due to endocrine production of calcium carbonate containing mineral beads.


2, The special beauty of a pearl is produced by its unique pearl luster, so the luster of a pearl is an important factor in the quality of a pearl. Especially cultured pearls, luster has become a unique indicator.


3, There are many kinds of pearls. Pearls are divided into natural pearls, cultured pearls and artificial pearls, of which natural pearls also include seawater pearls and freshwater pearls.


4, There are many shapes of pearls, such as round pearls, oval pearls, flat pearls and so on.



5, Pearls are colorful and have a variety of colors. Generally speaking, the color of pearls is affected by the type of mother-of-pearl and the breeding environment. Among the factors in the breeding environment, the influence of trace metal elements in water is the main one. Pearls formed in different bodies of water have different colors.